Grete Trakl Biography b/w


The first complete biography of Grete Trakl (1891-1917).

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The image of Grete Trakl (1891-1917) in history is amazingly one-dimensional. She acts essentially only as a satellite of her brother Georg, the famous poet. As his muse and goddess of fate, as the main person in countless poems full of guilt, nightmare, tribulation and hidden pleasure, as the seductress who fired his drug and alcohol abuse.

This first complete biography shows a very different picture: the multi-dimensional image of a musical prodigy, intensely traumatized by family intrigues and boarding school education, who married a nobleman from Mecklenburg to emancipate herself and to develop her talent.

This book also contains the genealogy and family history of Trakls back to the 17th century, a revolutionary representation of the “family secrets” and the real relationship between Grete and Georg, and 5 previously unknown poems of Georg.