Anna Cassel & Hilma af Klint. Childhood 1907



In December 1907 Hilma af Klint and the group De Fem finished the of a series of ten paintings, called De tio största (The Ten Largest), the last series of the first “Paintings for the temple”(1906-1908). This series is said to depict the evolution of human life from birth to old age. The genius behind the work – in fact behind the whole concept of the whole series – is Anna Cassel, who solely received the assignment from the spirits. The analysis of Childhood provides an array of the impulses that Anna has worked into the painting. Among them are Christian Spiritualism and Pietism (the religious orientation of De Fem and the Edelweissförbundet), Norse folklore, archeology and rune culture, all in the context of Swedish National Romanticism. The theme of the series is not about human life, it symbolizes the birth and development of the modern Christian identity of the young, newly formed Swedish State in 1905.


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